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I Practise From

Mark Brennan, Complementary Health Clinic

29, Upton Road, Moreton, Wirral

CH46 0PE

0151 678 8833  


We all have times when we feel lost, helpless and confused - when it is difficult to sort things out on our own.
At times like this we can get locked into a cycle of despair and hopelessness
which can bring painful or destructive emotions that can distort our perspective.
This is when it can be helpful to get support from a trained counsellor.

I offer a professional and confidential counselling service within a safe environment
where you can talk in confidence and be listened to without prejudice or judgement.
Counselling can help to restore hope, bring clarity and move you forward in life.


There are many reasons why people seek help from counselling.

Bereavement, Anxiety, Depression, Abuse, Addiction, Relationships & Trauma are just a few examples that I can help with.


Please contact me if you need more information,

all enquiries will be kept completely confidential.

Telephone ​07590 591879


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