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 I am a Qualified and Experienced Reiki Practitioner 
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I believe in the Holistic Approach, which means I am interested in the whole person, paying attention to the whole of you:

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful complimentary therapy. It encourages deep relaxation and helps to bring balance to our 4 bodies. It works on every level PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY and SPIRITUALLY.

The Japanese word Reiki means 'Universal Energy' This energy flows through all living things and is vital to wellbeing . If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.
Reiki is profoundly relaxing . 

Relaxation enhances strengh, suppleness, stamina and sensitivity.

Relaxation is the single best indicator of whole body wellbeing.

Illness can be a time of great stress , not only for the sufferer but also for their family and friends.
Receiving Reiki at these times helps to bring about relaxation, and relaxation in itself has been proven to be healing and promotes well-being.


A Reiki session helps bring about physical , mental and emotional relaxation and when you are truly relaxed and centred, your  mind comes to rest and your emotions flow clearly.

In a state of high anxiety, anger, fear or stress the body is not able to focus on healing itself and conditions and symptoms can feel worse . When the body is relaxed and calm it can focus on healing itself and this helps us cope better.

Emotionally, a Reiki session can encourage you to let go of tension, fear, anxiety, or any other negative feeling.

Emotions are neither good nor bad. It is our mind that judges them, it is our mind that makes us feel guilty or wrong for having certain feelings but the emotions themselves are not wrong. 
Emotions are simply different expressions of energy, sometimes negative sometimes positive , and like all forms of energy, they can change and move.

Reiki moves your attention from the mind to your physical body , So you can release the emotion without the mind judging it or trying to resist it . 
The holding in of emotions such as sadness and anger establishes tension deep in the tissues of the body, this inhibits the flow of blood and oxygen, which results in stress and illness. Unexpressed emotions can also increase the symptoms of depression and anxiety. 


While Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is NOT a religion. It is not based on any religious doctrine, and there is nothing you must believe in order to learn and use Reiki. In fact, Reiki is not dependent on belief at all and will work whether you believe in it or not.

What happens during your 1 hour Reiki session ?


A Reiki session is an individual experience that is different for everyone.  It is profoundly relaxing , gentle, calming and safe for all ages including the frail and elderly.     

A session begins with a brief conversation were we will discuss your needs and expectations of Reiki.  The actual Reiki session lasts for 45/50 minutes and is usually carried out with the client lying down on their back but if this is uncomfortable clients can sit up or the session can be done in a chair. No clothing is removed.

Soft music will play in the background. If you prefer quiet you can let me know. Your comfort and needs are always the main priority so please speak up if you have any requests or concerns.  
During a session the hands are gently placed on or over a set of body areas, usually corresponding with the location of chakras (energy centres) Reiki always goes where it is needed most, whether that is mental, physical, emotional and/or spiritual.
Reiki can be experienced as a flow of energy, mild tingling, warmth, coolness or nothing at all.  It is not uncommon for a client to report that they have seen bright colours or specific images.  Most report that they feel calm, deeply relaxed and have an overall feeling of being more balanced, and centered.

Occasionally a Reiki session can bring our negative emotions to the surface but this is beneficial and healing  and I can support you to release the negative energy. It is also common for clients to sleep through the entire session. This is also beneficial because it means that the person has opened up fully to the energy and it will be able to work on a deep level .The more the client is able let go, the more benefit they will receive from the session.

Remember Reiki can never cause harm and always works for our highest good, but you cannot assume that each session will be the same.

Reiki can help Improve sleep

How well you sleep affects how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally. Poor sleep can negatively affect our behaviour and thoughts. It can affect our relationships and how well we get along with others. A restful sleep will rejuvenate us and help us cope better with the stress and challenges of life.

A Reiki session helps you let go of physical tension, negative thoughts and repressed emotions. This aids a restfull sleep and we feel happier and more productive.

How can Reiki help heal the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?


Reiki helps to calm and still the Mind, Body and Soul of the person. It can promote relaxation and remind the body how it feels to be calm again. During a Reiki session we pay attention to ourselves! We put our body into a state were we can begin to self-heal.

When we feel afraid and threatened, there’s a natural instinct to “fight or flight.” In PTSD this instinct can remain 'switched on' despite the danger being over. This causes a constant anxiety , you remain hyper vigilant to threat . In order to cope with these feelings and flashbacks , many learn to disconnect from their bodies and numb their emotions. Reiki helps clients to reconnect to there body after trauma. This physical self awareness can be the first step in healing the trauma of the past.

Reiki provides a physical sensory awareness. Similar to a mindfull meditation and body scan. The client becomes aware of subtle physical sensations during the session. Remember the Reiki practitioner does not need to physically touch if you would prefer they didn't . However , human touch is a very important way of establishing feelings of comfort and safety within our bodies. Reiki can provide a slight, gentle , healing touch and this "human touch” can play an important role in trauma recovery.


Of course Reiki on its own isn't a cure for PTSD, but relaxation and reconnecting with your body is an important aspect to recovery, just as important as the cognitive and behavioural aspects to therapy.

Ideally, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder needs a holistic approach. I am qualified to use a combination of Reiki, Relaxation, Therapeutic Counselling and Compassion Focused CBT to treat both recent and historical trauma .

1 hr Reiki Session costs £40

Based at

Mark Brennan, Complementary Health Clinic

29, Upton Road



CH46 0PE


I am a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Goyararu which is a mixed martial art blending; 

  • Karate

  • Kung-fu

  • Boxing

  • Muka Bazi

  • Gatika

  • Sena Dasi

  • Tai Chi 

Martial Arts , Tai chi, and Yoga are also based on the free-flow of Reiki  energy in a person . Known as 'Ki' in Japan ,'Chi' in China and 'Prana' in India. 

The ultimate goal of GOYARARU as an ART FORM is the attainment of Physical, Emotional and Philosophical balance.

Goyararu Tai Chi  (Yin)

Goyararu Tai Chi classes are suitable for anyone, regardless of age or ability.

Classes are on Tuesdays at 7pm till 8pm and new beginners are always welcome.

For more information please see webite by clicking on symbol below

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